The Magen Shield of God for Israel

The Magen Shield of God for Israel

We arrived in Jerusalem April 9, 2024, with a few Christian leaders anticipating the joy of Passover season. As we entered the check-in booth at the airport, the immigration person asked, “What brings you to Israel? This is a time of war! What are you doing here?” This question sharpened my focus. My answer to her was, “We are here during this Passover season to stand with Israel.” I now see the impact of the question. The number of visitors here are greatly reduced in Jerusalem. War hangs in the air, but Hashem is at work in this season to bring His restoration in this land. One scripture says, “He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my glory and the lifter of my head.” (Psalms 3:3). The word “shield” in Hebrew is “Magen.” The local ambulance service here uses this word. The name of the service is “Magen David.” You can see them rushing to save lives. Our God, Hashem, holds a “Magen Shield” in His right hand to go before His people to rescue them as He did on the day of Passover. We are here standing with that mighty hand, and the shield, that Hashem holds to protect and restore the land here in Israel to His people. 

The Symbols of Passover

Passover time in Israel begins on Nissan 1st or April 8th.  The whole month is Passover month with the day of Passover being on April 22nd this year. It is a special time to remember Hashem’s redemptive work. The symbolism of the Passover Lamb invites all to view an on-going redemption of man and God’s people Israel. In the redemption of Israel, we see God’s action to restore all mankind resulting in a House of Prayer for all nations. (Isaiah 56:6-7). One of the most powerful symbols on display at the Passover season is that of the blood applied to the doorposts of a family home which is both shield from death and the release of a journey to a Promised Land. The blood shield on the door released both, a shield of protection, and a hope for a future that propelled the Jewish people to a “Promised Land.” 

God reminds us He is a shield. As mentioned, the word for shield is “Magen.” Scriptures of old invite us to see Hashem’s outstretched hand holding a Magen Shield up over Israel on her journey to the promised land and her habitation in that land. Patriarchs of old saw this outstretched arm of God holding a shield over Israel, “The God of my rock; in him will I trust; he is my (Magen) shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge.” (2 Samuel 22:3). Some have been tempted to think that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is no longer stretching forth His shield to bring Israel back to the lands promised to them in Israel. Some have even thought to divide up this Promised Land to create a manmade peace and have accused Israel of being “occupiers” in lands belonging to others. They have forgotten how the God of Israel in times past has defended against the enemies of Israel when they were outnumbered by great odds. Enemies in recent times have tried to conquer the Jewish people, crush, and remove them only to find the “Magen Shield” is still in the outstretched hand of Almighty God and is moving to return the Jewish people back to their promised lands. 

Examples of attempts to stop Israel’s return.

In 1948, six Arab countries attacked Israel when she declared a Jewish State for the Jewish people. This attack included a number of Arab nations; Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi-Arabia and Iraq. Against all odds, Israel defeated the greater sized Arab armies.

In 1973, the Yom Kippur war found Israel under a surprise attack by a superior force to try and driver her from her from the Promised Land by Syria and Egypt. The battle was largely a tank battle. Egypt had 1,350 tanks and Syria had 700 tanks. Israel faced Syria’s 700 tanks with only 175 tanks and beat them. Israel had only 250 aircraft to Egypt’s 800 aircraft and beat them. 

Return of the scattered tribes to Israel

Today, we are seeing what is called the “Alyah Return” of the scattered Jewish people back to the lands in Israel promised to them. The promises made to the Jewish people by God for their return are now being fulfilled, “For I will take you out of the nations, I will gather you from all the countries and bring you back into your own land.” (Ezekiel 36:24). As of January 1, 2024, Israel’s population stands at 9,842,000. This population is more than a 10-fold increase compared to Israel’s population in 1948. Every year there are more Jews returning to their homeland. 

The Passover Journey that started under Moses is now in our day being accelerated to complete the on-going redemption story of the Jewish people whose redemption is for the benefit of all mankind. The outstretched hand of God with the Megan Shield is still going before them. No other nation or religious groups can take Israel’s place. When “Replacement Theology” that teaches the Christians Church replaces Israel, is held up to the light of Scripture and history, we see that this false teaching is rejected by the God of the Bible.  The Jews are still the “Chosen People” of God of the Bible and are returning to their promised land. The Passover season affirms Hashem’s promise of deliverance, and the reality of a Promised Land, based on God’s ability to go before His people with a shield in His hand. The Jewish people are now completing their journey. God’s affirming promise is just as real as when it was given to Abraham, “I am thy (Magen) shield, and thy exceeding great reward.” (Genesis 15:1).  

Current Attack on Israel.

The recent attack on Israel Saturday April 13, 2024, by Iran illustrates God’s shield of protection over Israel. Iran launched an airborne attack of at least 300 drones and missiles. It was a miracle that all of these failed to do significant harm to Israel. While it’s true Israel had help with defense systems, and jets from other countries, it is still amazing that virtually all of the attacks fell without doing damage to Israel. Israel had a supernatural covering or shield in place for protection. The hand of Almighty God still holds the Magen Shield for Israel. 

I was asked if Israel is a safe place to visit for tourists? I feel much safer here than in many cities in America. The Israeli Defense Soldiers ride the public buses and walk the streets. Crime is low. But more than this, God watches over Israel and its people. We use wisdom when we travel, but I feel very safe in this holy land. Hashem’s shield of protection is still in place over this nation. 

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