So far, I’ve gotten great feedback about our new book. That’s a big relief because, I have to admit, I felt a lot of hesitation over publishing, Adam Loves Eve. It’s not a very comfortable-feeling book.

I know that some people won’t like it. It’s up-close and personal and gets into your private life, and it’s like no other book we have ever published before.

The new book, a marital guide for men only, represents a new step for First Fruits of Zion in our mission to bring Messianic Jewish teaching to Christians and Jews. This time, instead of straight Bible commentary or arguments about theology and Torah observance, we are bringing the Torah home—into your home—with practical application for every married man who calls himself a disciple of Yeshua.

The book is so unlike anything we have ever done before as a ministry, so far outside of our box, that men who read it are not going to know what just hit them. Before we went to press, I wondered, “What will our constituents think about us delving into this type of material?” I wondered, “Are we going to sell any of these at all, or are they going to sit on our shelves in the warehouse for the next ten years.” I thought, “Maybe we should stick with theology.” I thought about shelving the whole project.

A Universal Need

Even though we have never done a book like this before, it still falls under our broad mission of bringing Messianic Jewish teaching to Christians and Jews. It’s just doing so on a much more practical and personal level.

We wrote this book in such a way that any married man can read it and benefit from it. For that reason, we tried not to bog it down with Messianic Jewish language and lingo. I wanted the book to transcend the Messianic Synagogue-Christian Church divide. I hope that people will promote this book word-of-mouth, sharing it with Christian friends and leaders. I want it to become a tool for pastors and congregational leaders and a positive and fresh new way to introduce people to Messianic Jewish teaching.

Most Pastors and Christian leaders are not too interested in learning Torah for the sake of learning Torah, and they aren’t interested in reading our books Galatians, Elementary Principles, God-fearers, Biblically Kosher, or First Steps in Messianic Jewish Prayer. Books like that don’t interest in them because those titles offer answers to questions they are not asking. But every pastor and Christian leader has to deal with the question, “How can I help keep marriages in my community together?” Many have to ask themselves, “How can I keep my own marriage together.”

Adam Loves Eve offers answers to those very practical questions, but it does so from a Torah-based kingdom-perspective. It addresses a universal need, but it offers the solution in the form of Messianic Jewish teaching. In this way, it creates a natural segue into further study. It creates an introduction to Torah study on a level with which everyone can identify.

Early Responses

We didn’t know how the book would be received, but so far, the signs are encouraging. A Christian pastor of a very large church wrote to us and said, “It’s fantastic and we are going to order more for the church.” A Messianic Jewish rabbi said, “It’s wonderful! Very eye-opening and will become a part of my marriage counseling recommendations. I am considering incorporating it into a men’s study at the Shul.” One godly man I highly esteem and respect sent me the following precious note:

I have a very good marriage of 44 years, but it is not a perfect marriage, and I am certainly not a perfect husband. I learned many things about my own actions and how it causes my wife to respond. I learned new things that I had not heard before. I am trying to implement the recommendations in your book, and have begun to see changes in our relationship already.

I shared this with my men’s Bible study. I was shocked at the response. They were all interested and wanted to read the book as well, and even use it in our future study. I ordered ten copies yesterday to pass out to them. I think you have touched a point of real need and interest on behalf of men everywhere.

These are exactly the types of responses I am hoping to receive. They are promising indications that the book is fulfilling its purpose. It remains to be seen if the book will pick up momentum or not, but I am praying that God will use it to transform many lives and marriages for the sake of his kingdom and the name of Yeshua.

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In retrospect, I think the new book fits perfectly with our materials. First Fruits of Zion never seems to choose the easy road. Our perspectives seem to be ever controversial, and all the more so as the broader culture slips further and further away from a biblical worldview. We stand in an uncomfortable place, but frankly, I would not be comfortable if we were teaching comfortable things.

Source: First Fruits of Zion