A Palestinian terrorist took selfies on the Temple Mount before stabbing two young yeshiva students in the old city of Jerusalem on Saturday, leading to a foot chase during which he succeeded in stabbing a policeman before being shot and killed.

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The 17-year old Palestinian began his attack on Hagai Street around 3:30 in the afternoon, when he stabbed two yeshiva students, age 18 and 20. He fled the scene, pursued by IDF Border Policemen, who chased him into a nearby building. The terrorist stabbed one of the policemen before they shot and killed him. The three Israelis were lightly to moderately injured.

Before the attack, the terrorist visited the Temple Mount, where he took photos of himself that he posted to his twitter account. After the attack, the photos were shared by Palestinians on social media, with many praising his actions.

Following the attack, police closed the gates into the Old City. Palestinians responded by rioting at the Damascus Gate, throwing stones and firebombs at police. The police used teargas to disperse the crowds.

This was the second stabbing in one week in Jerusalem.

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