A policewoman was stabbed by an Arab terrorist on the Temple Mount on Thursday. The officer was stabbed in her arm and suffered mild injuries. The terrorist was apprehended and placed under arrest.

Below you can see the police apprehending the terrorist:

Following the attack, the Temple Mount was closed to Muslim worshipers. Also after the attack, at least three members of the Muslim Waqf were taken in by police for questioning. The Waqf are the custodians of the site and are employed by the government of Jordan. They are known to harass Jewish pilgrims on the mount and incite violent riots at the behest of the Hashemite Kingdom. This attack comes several days after King Abdullah 2 proclaimed before the UN that “as a Hashemite custodian I am bound by a special duty to protect Jerusalem’s Islamic and Christian holy sites but all of us have a stake and a moral obligation to uphold religious freedom and human rights.”

Jewish Temple Mount activist Avraham Bloch said in a statement: “Until the Muslim Waqf isn’t outlawed,  we will continue to hear incitement from the mosques on the Temple Mount and deadly terror attacks will follow in it’s wake.”

Breaking Israel News reporter Eliyahu Berkowitz was on the Temple Mount close to the time of the stabbing. He described the police as tense and on edge while muslim women were yelling in an effort to drown out their prayers. Kids were sent to try to infiltrate the Jewish groups as well which compelled the police to rush them off of the mount. You can see his video below:


Source: Israel in the News