Two people, including a Border police officer, were lightly wounded in a terror attack in Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday afternoon after an assailant attacked them with a screwdriver.

The 21-year-old Palestinian terrorist from Hebron approached a group of police officers standing near the Lions’ Gate entrance to the Old City around one in the afternoon, drew out a screwdriver and began attacking, stabbing one of the security forces in the head.

The other officers quickly responded with gunfire, shooting and killing the terrorist.

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A 12-year-old boy with a light head wound also said that the terrorist had attacked him, but reports from the scene are unconfirmed. Both victims were treated at the scene by emergency medical services and then taken to Jerusalem hospitals.

The attack represents the first successful stabbing incident in Jerusalem since September 19, when two police officers were stabbed near Herod’s Gate in the Old City. A number of attempted stabbings have been foiled by security forces since then with no Israeli casualties, though an October shooting attack in Jerusalem left two dead.

A year ago at this time, deadly stabbings were occurring through the country on a daily basis during the height of the terror wave which began in September of 2015. However, the violence has largely quieted in recent months.

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