Ted Cruz is “lucky” to be targeted twice in one day

Ted Cruz is “lucky” to be targeted twice in one day

Protesters targeted the Texas senator’s home and the site of a fundraiser he attended.

Jew-hatred is bigger—or at least comes more often—in the Lone Star State.

Anti-Israel activists twice targeted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Saturday, first outside his home and later on in the day at a fundraiser he attended.

“For the second time this week, anti-Israel protestors have come to my house early in the morning, waking up the neighbors and harassing my family,” the senator wrote. “None expressed concern about Hamas’s Oct. 7 murder of over 1,200 or mass rapes of women and children.”

“I’m proud to stand with Israel,” Cruz added. “Am Yisrael Chai!

Later in the day, a social media account that identifies as a doctoral candidate majoring in post-colonialism and “challenging Western narratives and reshaping perceptions of Muslim women through scholarly work,” shared a photo and a video of anti-Israel protesters blocking a road, the account said, outside a ranch where “genocidal” Cruz was attending a fundraiser. (The account has since been dismantled, apparently.)

“Two anti-Israel protests in the same day,” Cruz wrote. “That’s a first!”

As he did in the post about the protest outside his home, the senator posted images of two American and two Israeli flags.

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