Team of Attorneys to Sue Health Ministry claiming Corona Vaccine Illegal in Israel

Lately, Israel’s Health Ministry has been aggressively promoting the coronavirus vaccine. But now a team of lawyers in the Jewish state is making the case that the vaccine itself is illegal to administer. A petition was submitted on December 17 by attorneys Valentina Nelin, Rita Price, and Shlomi Bonnie calling on the government to halt all coronavirus vaccinations immediately.

No approval for the vaccine

On November 13, Netanyahu said that he signed an agreement with Pfizer whereby Israel acquired millions of vaccines from the pharmaceutical giant. “The vaccines arrived in Israel on December 9. On both of those dates, there was no approval for the vaccine. Only on December 11 did the FDA greenlight emergency approval for the vaccine” Nelin told Israel365 News. 
“According to Israeli law, all medication that arrives inside Israel’s borders is required to go through a process of internal licensing. In the case of Pfizer’s covid vaccine, that did not happen.”

Attorney Valentina Nelin (Facebook)

Halt all campaigns

“There is a committee of infectious diseases and vaccinations. This committee has operated for many years in the Health Ministry in all aspects of not only infections but also vaccine licensing. That committee was established to approve the use of vaccines. But the last time that committee met was in January 2020” she added.
The petition calls on the government, and more specifically the Health Ministry, to halt all campaigns promoting the covid vaccine until a legal process to examine and ultimately approve the drug is exhausted.
“In the FDA’s emergency approval, it is written that anyone under the age of 16 should not receive the shot. This approval is temporary and is only applicable in an emergency situation” she notes.
“The petition includes the opinion of medical experts who express concern including the new MRNA technology being implemented in the vaccine.”

No way to track the long-term side effects

Nelin also relates what she says was hasty research explaining that “In Pfizer’s clinical trials, roughly 44,000 people participated in the drug inspection. Half of them received a placebo. Observations of the results of the experience in people were conducted for two months, not for 6-15 years, as usual. With such a short period of inspection, there is no way to track the long-term side effects of the drug.”
The plaintiffs have yet to receive a response from the Health Ministry who had until Tuesday to respond to the petition. The team of attorneys now plan on taking the next step – suing the government which Nelin believes will take place in “a matter of days.”

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