Syrian media: Israeli missile strike hits near Damascus

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that an alleged Israeli missile strike hit near Damascus on Thursday night. The media cited a Syrian army source as saying that air defenses intercepted several Israeli missiles. Lebanese media outlets had reported low-flying Israeli jets above Beirut just prior to the attack. Damascus residents reported hearing at least five loud explosions that shook apartment buildings over a 15-minute time span.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a war monitor, said at least three missiles targeted Hezbollah weapon depots in the Homs region near the capital Damascus. It is unclear whether the attack caused any casualties.

As per its policy, the IDF does not comment on activities outside the borders of Israel.

On Wednesday, the IDF dropped leaflets in Southern Syria warning Syrian soldiers against cooperating with Hezbollah.

“Be careful with your actions, you are being watched through a microscope. Hasham’s help has brought you destruction and his bad intentions are coming out. You are responsible for your actions, and Hezbollah is responsible for your suffering,” the leaflets said.

A few hours later, missile attacks hit Hezbollah military sites in the Syrian Golan Heights

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