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The recent supermoon phenomenon within a week of Donald Trump’s election could signal a divine and fundamental shift in moral values which will bring the Final Redemption closer, End of Days expert Rabbi Pinchas Winston told Breaking Israel News.

Rabbi Winston believes that there is a culture war going on between liberal and conservative values, that God is orchestrating the ascension of conservative values and that the appearance of the supermoon may be an acknowledgement of this.

The rabbi was careful to warn that, though his ideas are based on his deep Torah scholarship, they are still speculative. “We’re always guessing, because without prophecy we can’t know for sure.”

Nevertheless, he said, it is important to pay attention to the bigger picture of recent events, including the election of Trump and the supermoon. “We’ve been watching a counter-intuitive trend,” he noted. “We saw it first in Israel when Netanyahu won” in 2015, despite polls which predicted victory for the left. More recently, Brexit also revealed a surprising lean towards more conservative values.

Rabbi Winston believes that “the election of Trump represents a new ascendancy of conservative, religious values and a rejection of what the liberal left has been building for many years. That’s why [the leftists] are so concerned and lashing back.”

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Rabbi Winston asserted that a primary goal of the liberal movement is to break away from the obligations that come with living a God-centered life. According to his viewpoint, as history draws to a close, God is forcing each person to make a decision about where they stand morally. Are they aligned with conservative or with liberal values?

He indicated that this moment in history parallels the moment in the desert, during the incident of the Golden Calf, when Moses demanded that people pick a side.

Then Moshe stood in the gate of the camp, and said: ‘Whoso is on Hashem’s side, let him come unto me.’ And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him. Exodus 32:26

Where does the supermoon come in? In Talmudic thought, a lunar eclipse is a bad omen, whereas a full moon reflects the strength of the Jewish people, who represent God’s Word in the world. According to Rabbi Winston, the Jewish people received the Torah and have an obligation to tell the world what God wants and how both Jews and righteous non-Jews can earn a place in the World to Come.

“The supermoon coming out at this time could be a Divine confirmation of sorts that God is behind all this,” suggested Rabbi Winston. The very fact that Trump was elected, despite all the scandalous reports of his behavior during the campaign, could be intended to make it clear that God is behind his win, he explained.

“It’s very significant that the last supermoon was in 1948,” said Rabbi Winston. It was a prelude to the Jewish people prevailing over the Nazi effort to destroy them and the establishment of the State of Israel.

According to him, the supermoon of 1948 was a signal of the conservative triumph over liberal values and the strength of the Jewish people at that time. It was a reflection of “the next stage of geula (redemption),” he said.

As was true in 1948, with the surprising election of Trump, we are witnessing a global shift. Nevertheless, Rabbi Winston warns, “That doesn’t mean it’s permanent. God has done His part and the question is: ‘What does man do with it now?’”

Rabbi Winston urged people not to get distracted by the smokescreen caused by current events, but to keep an eye on the essential issue. “You as an individual have to make a decision about what your values are.  When Hashem (God) steps into history to end galut (the exile of the Jewish people), polarization is necessary for people to decide who they are and which side of history they’re on. This makes everyone personally responsible for their decision and its consequences. No one will be able to say, ‘If only I knew…’ This period of history is really about choosing to be with Hashem.”

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