Sunday Evening Terror: Rocket Fired from Gaza and Rock-Throwing Attack in Samaria

Palestinian terror

A rocket fired from Gaza landed in an open field in southern Israel and Palestinian terrorists threw rocks at a passing Israeli vehicle Sunday evening. No serious injuries were sustained.

Civilians in the southern Sha’ar HaNegev region ran for cover Sunday evening just before 9 o’clock upon hearing the red-alert siren. A rocket landed in an open field. There were no injuries or damage. The IDF is investigating.

One resident remarked cynically on Facebook, “No damages, no injuries sustained – aside from the continued trauma suffered by those kids who were already sleeping in bed and had to run for cover, or anyone who lives in the Western Negev [who] heard the alarm on their phones or over the loudspeaker and started to run.”

As of yet, no one claimed responsibility, although Israel places the onus on Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip.

Also Sunday evening, Palestinian terrorists threw rocks at a car, smashing a front window, near the community of Dolev in Samaria. The driver, a man in his 50s, suffered trauma. He was treated by Magen David Adom paramedics, who said there was no need for hospitalization.

The vehicle sustained six direct bullet hits, Tazpit News Agency (TPS) reported. The driver, although not hit, was lightly injured by shattered glass.

The soldiers are searching the area for potential suspects.

By: Terri Nir, United with Israel

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Source: United with Israel