Special Collars help IDF Soldiers Stay Cool in Summer Heat

In the summer, Israel gets hot…real hot. And for IDF troops standing guard outdoors with all their gear in the scorching Israeli heat, too much exposure to the sun can cause fatigue. And as Israel faces existential threats from virtually every direction, the IDF simply cannot afford to have their troops affected by the summer sun,

Thankfully, one organization has a solution. The American Friends of LIBI have launched an initiative to provide IDF troops with a tactical ice collar that wraps around the soldier’s neck keeping his body temperature cool in the simmering heat.

The goal is to distribute 10,000 collars to IDF troops patrolling in various fields and borders throughout Israel.

Israel365 distributed these collars to Israeli soldiers guarding the Tomb of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac and Jacob in Hebron.

Libi would also like to distribute these cooling devices to every soldier in the IDF who needs it. From the Lebanese border in the north to the Gaza border in the south. But to do that, they need your help. 

That’s because although distributing the collars keeps the troops alert, they also cost money – money that organizations like LIBI simply do not have. But that’s where you can help.


You can help Israel’s warriors stay cool this summer simply by donating to LIBI today. 

Any amount you donate, big or small, can help Israel’s soldiers protect the land God gave them. Don’t wait for the worst case scenario. Donate to LIBI now.


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