In a previous article published by Breaking Israel News, it was reported that the Central Elections Committee issued an injunction on Sunday against the left-wing NGO Zazim‘s plan to organize and fund the transport of 15,000 Arab voters to polling stations on election day. The committee ruled that the initiative is in violation of Israel’s election laws.

The Zazim organization is an anti-Israel NGO who is funded by the New Israel Fund (NIF), The NIF is backed by billionaire globalist George Soros.

But today, the right-wing Im Tirzu (if you will it) organization discovered that Zazim took over a convenient store inside of a gas station in southern Israel and turned it into a headquarters to organize the bus transports.

The activists from Im Tirzu raided the gas station and confronted members of the group as they allegedly violated the court order in broad daylight. A confrontation ensued and one activist, Tom Nisani called the police to investigate his claims. Nisani alleged that despite a court issued injunction that prohibits them from organizing transportation for the Arab sector to polling stations, they were doing it anyways.

Im Tirzu then had their attorney file a formal complaint with the Central Elections committee regarding the violation.

It has been reported that the voter turn out in the Arab sector is unusually high today and that PA chairman Abu Mazen has instructed Arabs with Israeli citizenship to get out and vote.

See the confrontation below:


Source: Israel in the News