Senior Palestinian Official Accuses Israel of Responsibility for Brussels Terror Attacks


A PA Security Forces spokesman suggests Israel was behind the terror attacks in Brussels, punishing Europeans for supporting a Palestinian state and for boycotting “settlement” products.

Following the announcement that the Islamic State terror organization (ISIS) had orchestrated the terror attacks in Brussels on Tuesday, in which at least 31 people were murdered and hundreds injured, Palestinian Authority (PA) Security Forces Spokesman Adnan Al-Damiri suggested that Israel was behind the attacks, as documented by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

In a post on Facebook, Al-Damiri questioned whether the attacks by ISIS could be just “a coincidence” now that European support for “Palestine” and the boycott of Israeli settlement products is at a high.

On Thursday, reacting to the news that ISIS was responsible, Al-Damiri posted: “Question: How come Europe has turned into the scene of terror attacks and murder of innocent civilians after the majority of European parliaments have recognized the State of Palestine, and after the expansion of the European boycott of products made in Israeli settlements?

Is it possible that the timing of the targeting [of Europe] by ISIS and its offshoots is innocent and a coincidence? And why specifically Europe now that the European popular and official support for Palestine is growing??? Help me understand and answer. Thank you!”

Brussels terror

A woman lights a candle at a memorial site at Place de la Bourse in Brussels on Saturday.(AP/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)

That same day, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, the official PA daily, joined the finger-pointing at Israel. Member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council Muwaffaq Matar, a regular columnist, also questioned why the attacks in Paris in November and in Brussels last week happened precisely at a time when Europe’s support for the Palestinians was great, indicating that Israel must have been behind the attacks.

“We do not want to throw accusations, but why did the crimes and terrorist massacres of ISIS in France and Brussels coincide with the European Union’s first attempt to free itself of the Israeli extortion and of the Jewish persecution in Europe complex, and [coincide with] European members of parliament’s support of the Palestinian right [to statehood]?” Matar wrote.

He specifically mentioned France’s leading role in pressuring Israel and the fact that Brussels and the EU have been heading the boycott and labeling of Israeli products made in Judea and Samaria. “How can we not allow ourselves to consider this background as the motive of those affected (i.e., Israel) by the new Europe to strike at its heart (i.e., Brussels),” the columnist asked.

Israel Paris terror

Fatah cartoon suggests Israel was behind the Paris terror attacks in November. (PMW)

“We are talking about the motives of the heads of the project (i.e., the “Zionist project”), who carried out a historic crime against a whole people in order to achieve authority to act as a proxy of the colonial states and powers – those people will not hesitate to use the latest tools of terror under their own labels (i.e., ISIS), and thus hit three birds with one terrorist bombing – the Palestinians, the Arabs, and Europe…

ISIS does not have all these abilities to attack whenever or however it wants, and there are those who have penetrated ISIS to the core because ISIS is their modern means to take revenge on Europe and rip out its heart,” Matar stated.

Similarly, Fatah – the PA’s ruling party, headed by PA President Mahmoud Abbas –  accused Israel of being behind the terror attacks in Paris in November, in which 129 people were killed and 350 wounded.

Source: Palestinian Media Watch

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