Sen. Tom Cotton Calls for Biden’s Impeachment Over Halting Weapons Sale to Israel

Sen. Tom Cotton Calls for Biden’s Impeachment Over Halting Weapons Sale to Israel
Tom Cotton

‘The truth is Biden wants Hamas to remain in power,’ the senator said.

By World Israel News

A Republican senator has called on the House of Representatives to launch impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden over the president’s decision to halt military sales to Israel in a bid to prevent the IDF from destroying Hamas battalions in Rafah.

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton took to Twitter Thursday to urge the Republican-held House of Representatives to impeach Biden, comparing the president’s decision to withhold arms from Israel with then-President Donald Trump’s impeachment for allegedly withholding of aid from Ukraine for political purposes.

“The House has no choice but to impeach Biden based on the Trump-Ukraine precedent of withholding foreign aid to help with reelection. Only with Biden, it’s true,”

Trump was impeached, but not convicted, by Congress in late 2019  for allegedly withholding aid to Ukraine and refusing to invite Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the White House in order to pressure Kiev to launch an investigation into claims that then-Vice President Joe Biden used his influence during the Obama administration to benefit the natural gas company Burisma, on whose board Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, then served.

Cotton excoriated Biden via Twitter for the threat to bar weapons sales to Israel, accusing the president of imposing an “arms embargo.”

“Joe Biden has imposed an arms embargo on Israel,” Cotton wrote.

“Biden says he wants Israel to be more careful and precise. But he’s withholding precision-guided munitions that would reduce civilian casualties. The truth is Biden wants Hamas to remain in power.”

“Biden’s disgraceful comments are a gift to Hamas.”

“Joe Biden may think he’s dividing America and Israel, but what he’s really doing is uniting American patriots who know we have to stand with our great ally Israel in its moment of need.”

The freeze on weapons transfers, Cotton said, would empower Hamas and make it more difficult to free Americans held captive in the Gaza Strip.

“Biden’s undermining Israel encourages Hamas to keep the hostages—including American citizens. This is a disgraceful betrayal of our ally for political reasons.”

“I’ve said for months what Joe Biden now admits: his de facto position is for a Hamas victory against Israel.”

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