A new revelation has been discovered that one might expect to see in China but certainly not from the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’ – According to an internal document obtained by Calcalist, the Israeli police have designed a monitoring system for citizens who shame them online. Although it is currently inactive, the document reveals the Israeli police department’s intention to set up a unit within its ranks to scan social networks locate real-time statements made by private citizens that condemn or ‘shame’ police officers.

According to the manifesto, a high-ranking police officer who will hold a position entitled the “Shaming Officer”. This officer will relay requests to remove the ‘offender’ from the social network itself to the cyber unit at the Justice Department. The Justice Dept. is to then transfer their data to social networks like Facebook or Twitter. 

Attorney general of the Digital Rights Movement, Attorney Jonathan Klinger says that: “These are the attributes of a regime consisting of equal and more equal” meaning, the police will enjoy censorship rights at the expense of private citizens.

Expounding on his statement, Klinger adds: “It is very concerning that the police want to establish a system to monitor the insults aimed at police officers on the internet” he said. “This is a serious violation of the privacy of all of us. It is impossible to set up a system that monitors all posts on the internet that refer to police officers without establishing a system of constant monitoring of all social media outlets. Establishing such a system actually means turning Israel into a modern surveillance state, just like China. The system, as it stands, will also violate the Privacy Protection Law as it will collect information in a non-consensual manner. “

Klinger added that: “The legal infrastructure in this procedure is not only shaky but also creates a privileged regime where some are worth more than others – and are allowed to censor public scrutiny. The offense of insulting a public servant is an insult that the Supreme Court has already warned should be enforced, and so is considered Criminal defamation. On the other hand, the Israeli police want to drive us back to a time when subjects are separated from their rulers. “

The Israeli police said in response: “Unfortunately, we too often are faced with a false” shaming ” campaign on the internet directed at law enforcement. Usually while enforcing the law. The police regard any attempt to harm or deny police officers their role in serving the public with great severity.  The purpose is to help the police officers deal with this ugly phenomenon.  “The treatment of abusive publications is carried out according to the circumstances of the case and to help those police officers deal with the ugly phenomenon – all in accordance with the new procedure written on this issue.”

Source: Israel in the News