Israel Police spokespeople said Tuesday that undercover units discovered a trove of historical antiques, including jewelry, pottery and hundreds of coins from different historical periods, during an overnight raid in the village of Hawara, north of Jerusalem. The value of the antiques is estimated at thousands of dollars.

Among the stolen objects found were antiquities dating back to the Hasmonean, Bar Kochba, Second Temple, Assyrian and Roman periods. Pitchers, earthenware, figurines, scales, copper utensils, and jars were found among the hoard.

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In a statement issued jointly by the police and Israel Antiquities Authority, officials said that one Palestinian man in his 50’s. He was arrested on suspicion of antiquities trafficking and failing to report antiquities discoveries to relevant authorities.

The man claimed he had bought the artifacts for his own personal connection. Police will launch an investigation into whether he was part of a larger black-market network of illegal antiquities looters, a profitable trade in Israel.

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