Scottish Woman Crowned ‘Miss Hitler 2016’ in Macabre Form of Female Empowerment

The winner of Miss Hitler 2016 who identifies herself under the alias A_BUS_FULL_OF_RETARDS. (Photo: Twitter)

A Scottish woman, member of National Action (NA), a British white supremacist group was named Miss Hitler 2016 in what international publications are calling a “sick neo-Nazi beauty pageant.”

In May, the neo-Nazi group took to their blog to announce the competition was open to their female members who “rarely get much spotlight or recognition”. “National Action will be hosting a competition ‘Waifu-NA’ where we will interview all our female supporters – the winner will be crowned ‘Miss Hitler 2016’,” read the post.

“We organised this competition to give our girls a chance to express their beliefs and share their motivations for embracing National Socialism,” wrote National Action before revealing the winner on their website.

All applicants were invited to “submit a short interview for the site under a pseudonym, accompanied by photos in the T-shirts we sent them.” Among the qualifying questions ‘Miss Hitler’ hopefuls had to answer were “How did you become a National Socialist?” and “What quality do you like most in National Action?”

The winner, a brunette known only by the self-given alias “A_BUS_FULL_OF_RETARDS” appeared on the NA’s website in several photos with the lower half of her face covered, and her arm raised in the infamous Nazi ‘Heil Hitler’ salute. In a short Q&A on the site, she described herself as an “NA activist living in Scotland and dedicated member of our organisation.”

In response to the question asking how she became a National Socialist, Miss Hitler 2016 explained that even though she was “always a traditionalist at heart,” it took awhile for her “other half to redpill me”, referencing a scene from The Matrix film where the red pill symbolizes seeing through the illusion of mainstream society. “I didn’t want to believe that the Jews are the enemy as I was brought up to believe that they are very similar to Christians,” she wrote. But, she divulged, when “the Jewish propaganda became too obvious to ignore,” she “became involved with NA.”

When asked which one person she would “hypothetically” kill if she could “get away with it,” Miss Hitler named German Chancellor Angela Merkel, asserting she would put Merkel “(without any protection) in one of her camps and let her pet refugees do the rest.”

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Not altogether heartless, she made sure to give due credit to her life partner “without whom I would be a very lonely Nazi,” she conveyed.

Other pseudonyms on the list of runner-ups included EVA BIN GASSIN, Lady of the Lolocaust, The Galloping Gestapo, and BuchenwaldPrincess.

Lauding the contest, National Action said on their site, “We hope this will grant a unique insight into our movement that will challenge the widely held preconceptions society has about the far-right.”

According to The Daily Record, a British online circulation, the Board of Deputies of British Jews criticized the pageant calling it a “clear case of inciting racial hatred,” adding, “It is possibly the ugliest beauty contest ever held.” As of the time of reporting, no other statements of condemnation have been made.

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