Sayeret: Modern-day Moses and Aaron

Sayeret: Modern-day Moses and Aaron

Aharon cast down his rod in the presence of Pharaoh and his courtiers, and it turned into a serpent. Exodus 7:10.

M4 gripped tight in hand, across the war-torn space you spot the enemy!

RPG, AK-47s, visible in their hands.

Scripture records a similar confrontation in a more civilized, yet just as foreboding battlespace. The court of Pharoah.

Moses and Aaron on one side.

On the other, wise men, sorcerers, magicians. Elite forces of the enemy called to impose continuing unjust servitude upon the people of Israel, Ex 7:11.

Hands tight, Aaron grips a shepherd’s staff. The same that at the LORD’s questioning command to Moses, ‘What is that in your hand?’, becomes the Rod of God, Ex 4:2, 20.

Cobra snake (courtesy: Shutterstock)

The moment comes.

Lifted up, cast down. The staff strikes the floor, becoming a type of secret weapon, a Sayeret snake. A serpent of God!

Occult assemblage unphased, poised, their staffs clatter down, transforming into hissing, writhing serpents of their own!

To human eyes it’s clear in whose favor the fight will resolve.

Enemies of Israel, wise men, sorcerers, magicians, scripture references them in their multiples. So too each of their staffs’ manifest. There are many spitting hissing serpents, Ex 7:12.

The Rod of God is greatly outnumbered!

Yet, in an instant, engulfed, swallowed, only the Sayeret snake remains. Others, consumed.

A Sayeret Matkal commando. Credit: IDF.
(source: JNS)

Victory of the Rod of God is complete! Ex 7:12.

Tail grasped, the staff returns safely to Aaron’s hand.

What forces, dark and unjust, face you, face Israel, today?

What weapons manifest in your enemies’ hands?

Scripture affirms, when transformed by God, your staff wielded in your hands, will resoundingly defeat the enemy. Delivering you, delivering Jacob, in the time of trouble.

Seek Him!

To the Sayeret, IDF’s Special Forces.

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