In an article published on July 15 in the Saudi government daily Al-Yawm, Saudi journalist Sukina Meshekhis called on the Arab countries to take bold steps, including certain concessions, in order to advance peace with Israel. She wrote that peace is a supreme human aim for which all peoples yearn, but that in order to achieve it there is a need for concessions and sacrifices.

Noting that throughout history there have been many conflicts among various countries, she stated that all of them eventually ended, no matter how terrible they were. The Arabs have missed too many opportunities to make peace with Israel, and this is stopping them from developing and advancing, she said, adding that this is why she is calling on them to leverage the agreements that some Arab countries have signed with Israelsuch as the Egypt-Israel Camp David Accords, the Israel-Jordan peace treaty and the Oslo Accords, into an opening for promoting a comprehensive peace.

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She added that the collective interest of the Arabs today “requires rapprochement and understandings with Israel,” and therefore they must be more pragmatic.

This is not the first article in the Saudi press favoring improved relations with Israel. In several of recent reports, MEMRI has noted the increased number of Saudi intellectuals, journalists and commentators expressing public support for Israel and even calling for peace and normalization with it.

Source: Israel in the News