In a recent interview with Attitude Magazine regarding a new documentary entitled Hail Satan, Satanic Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves touched on the requirements involved with joining the Temple saying: “A commitment to Satan is not required to join the Temple, although a commitment to trolling anti-LGBT evangelicals is desirable.”

In the context of the internet, ‘trolling’ is a phrase used to describe the act of making random unsolicited and/or controversial comments on various internet forums with the intent to provoke a reaction from unsuspecting readers to engage in a fight or argument.

However, in reality, trolling often means heckling or shouting down ceremonies or sermons. It is considered by many to be a form of harassment. One example of their trolling attempts involved a plan to challenge states that did not recognize gay marriage. Greaves revealed that the plan was to hold “a satanic gay wedding in any one of these states and, if the state refused to recognize it, we’d sue on the grounds that it was our religious liberty to have it recognized.”

Lamenting the failure of the plan, Greaves also discussed a plan to attack pro-lifers saying: “We never got to do that but there are people who want to roll back other things such as Roe vs Wade [a Supreme Court ruling which effectively legalizes abortion throughout the US] as well.”

The Satanic temple leader also admitted that well over 50% of the temple’s members are gay saying: “It would be a conservative estimate to say that more than 50 percent of our membership is LGBTQ.”

Greaves also boasts about the organization’s involvement in gay pride parades noting that “Our chapters are always involved with Pride parades in the United States, they’re always doing something for the LGBTQ community and they’re always open about inclusion.”

“We will always fight them, we will fight them to the death to ensure that there are equal rights for the gay community.”

Apparently, the organization does not necessarily don’t necessarily “believe in the existence of Satan or the supernatural saying that “As such, we do not promote a belief in a personal Satan. To embrace the name Satan is to embrace rational inquiry removed from supernaturalism and archaic tradition-based superstitions.”





Source: Israel in the News