Sara Netanyahu visiting Israeli children with "Mr. Lego" Maj. Maor Cohen. (Kobi Gideon/GPO)

Sara Netanyahu held a special get-together to bring joy to children affected by arson terror and rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip and young cancer patients.

By: United with Israel Staff

On Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife Sara met with children who live in the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip and with young patients battling cancer.

The event took place at the Lego Park in Holon, where Netanyahu had the opportunity to speak with the children and tour the park with them.

During the visit, Netanyahu awarded a certificate of appreciation to Maj. Maor Cohen, who is known as “Mr. Lego” for his volunteer work over the past seven years.

Cohen hosts Lego workshops for children fighting cancer and children with parents coping with the disease in Israeli hospitals.

“I am pleased to be here with the adorable children from the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip and with the children who are heroically coping with cancer. I am happy that they have wonderful hours in this sweet place,” Sara Netanyahu said.

She expressed gratitude for being able to take part in an event that “brought joy to many children in the State of Israel.”

“We are with you. May we all have a pleasant, happy and quiet summer,” she assured the children.

Israeli communities bordering the Gaza Strip have endured four months of airborne arson and rocket attacks, the combined effects of which have left thousands of acres of land scorched and countless lives shattered by the trauma of  living under the constant threat of terror and war.

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Source: United with Israel