Sanhedrin: No deal for the hostages until Hamas is entirely eliminated

Sanhedrin: No deal for the hostages until Hamas is entirely eliminated

The nascent  Sanhedrin released a decision concerning the hostages being held in Gaza by Hamas:

“The ruling of the Sanhedrin court on the issue of victory or redemption of captives”

“The Sanhedrin calls on the leadership of the people of Israel to subdue the terrorist organizations including Hamas and not to enter into any deal with them for the following reasons:

– The blood price we paid due to the release of the terrorists for Gilad Shalit to this day is approximately 2,500 dead and double the number of wounded and disabled.

– There is a severe halachic (Jewish law) prohibition against releasing terrorists who will certainly continue to kill Jews, and this is a very serious moral prohibition. It has been made clear by their actions and words that the intention of these terrorists if they are released is to kill Jews.”

The Sanhedrin quoted Proverbs:

As a dog returns to his vomit, So a dullard repeats his folly. If you see a man who thinks himself wise, There is more hope for a dullard than for him. Proverbs 26:11-12

– The whole purpose of the terrorist organizations, including Hamas, is solely the destruction of the Jews and the State of Israel, and not the establishment of a Palestinian state or, as some have said, a “Singapore of the Middle East”, as was promised before the expelling of the Jews from Gush Katif. There is no option but to destroy Hamas. As we are commanded, if someone comes to kill you, you must kill them first.

– It is clear that in this war we are fighting murderers, rapists, and abusers of babies who are the worst aspects of mankind, representing the traits of Amalek and therefore must be killed.

– Terrorists and the heads of the Palestinian Terrorist Authority incite the genocide of Israel and call for another October 7th everywhere, including inside the Land of Israel. If they make a deal that includes stopping the war and releasing terrorists, this will encourage them to massacre Jews everywhere and for more kidnappings. They will be able to be sure that they will not be overpowered and will always be able to make a deal in exchange for hostages.

– For the Americans, the deal is entirely in their interests and does not help or protect Israel. Where are the allies of the Americans in Afghanistan? And where are all their allies in the whole world? Who can trust their guarantees?

– Our hearts go out to the families of the abducted, murdered, and injured. But you should know that the only chance of freeing the hostages is through subduing Hamas because they use the hostages as human shields for the lives of the terrorists.

– While it is an exalted and important mitzvah to redeem captives, the halachic conclusion is unequivocal: during a war, the mitzvah of redeeming prisoners is deferred until after victory in the war. What is more, by prioritizing the redeeming of captives, the lives of soldiers are endangered.

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