Sanders Wins Wyoming But Still Has A long Way to Go

Bernie Sanders (Photo: R. Gino Santa Maria /

On Saturday, Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in the Wyoming caucus, with 55.7 % of the vote, while Clinton won 44.3%.  Sanders has won seven out of the last eight Democratic elections, all in western states, six in caucuses and one primary.

Clinton did not campaign in Wyoming, sending her husband, former President Bill Clinton, to campaign in her stead, while Sanders held one rally last Tuesday.

Wyoming awards 14 delegates on a proportional basis, giving each candidate seven. It is relatively few, leaving Sanders about 200 delegates behind Clinton in the primary race. Clinton leads with 1,309 pledged delegates as compared to Sanders’s 1,094. Of the superdelegates who are free to change their mind, Clinton is reported to have 469 while Sanders has only 31.Sanders will need to win over 56% of the remaining delegates to overtake Clinton before the Democratic convention held July 25.

The next primary, a critical one for Sanders, will be April 19th in New York. After that, it is considered crucial for him to win in Pennsylvania on April 26th, and California on June 7th.

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