Revealed: Top UK Journalist Promotes Anti-Semitism with Anonymous Twitter Account

BBC World News’ Nimesh Thaker allegedly operated an anonymous Twitter account under the name “Not That Bothered” to amplify posts by notorious anti-Semites

By Algemeiner Staff

A top BBC journalist used a false name on social media to attack a prominent colleague after she gave a speech on anti-Semitism and her family’s experience with the Holocaust.

According to The Jewish Chronicle, Nimesh Thaker of BBC World News operated an anonymous Twitter account under the name “Not That Bothered” to amplify posts by notorious anti-Semites Kerry-Anne Mendoza and Jackie Walker and engage in his own abusive behavior.

In particular, Thaker promoted several posts that targeted Jewish BBC Radio host Emma Barnett.

Barnett had given a speech on the Holocaust, her family and Jew‐hatred last month as Jewish groups and allies boycotted Twitter over its handling of anti-Semitism.

This prompted backlash from anti-Semites online. In one post, shared by Thaker, Barnett was accused of employing “the same old ‘anti-Semitism’ excuse whenever people criticize Israel.”

Speaking of the boycott over anti-Semitism, Thaker posted, “Has the level of hate and political smearing just dropped on twitter or are racists on holiday at the moment?”

He then retweeted a post by Walker claiming the boycotters were “infamous” for “anti-black/Muslim racism.”

Thaker also retweeted an anti-Semitic post by Mendoza that said an “anti-Semitic witch-hunt” would lead to a confrontation between Jews and the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Those anti-Black, anti-Palestinian racists are gonna get their arses dragged all over town,” the post read.

British Jewish actress Tracy-Ann Oberman tweeted in response to Tuesday’s revelations, “Many cowards troll abuse under anonymous accounts. Brava Stephen Pollard for outing BBC News [journalist] Nimesh Thaker who’s used his sock account for anti-Jewish hate/conspiracy theories for yonks–especially vile to fellow BBC News [journalist] Emma Barnett after her powerful Holocaust Memorial Day speech.”


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