Report: Washington to sell F-22 Aircraft to Israel

Report: Washington to sell F-22 Aircraft to Israel

Trump’s administration reportedly gave the green light to sell F-22 stealth fighter jets to Israel, reports the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat news outlet, who cited senior Israeli sources.

According to the report, former Defense Secretary Mark Esper told officials in Jerusalem during a visit to Israel last week that President Donald Trump approved the sale of the F-22 Raptor to the Jewish state. 

However, the U.S. congress would still need to approve the sale. Additionally, legislation would be needed to overturn a 1998 law that prohibits Washington from exporting the F-22 aircraft. 

In the past, Israel has requested F-22s from Washington but to no avail.

And as the Israeli air force awaits these much needed fighter jets, one organization is doing what they can to tend to the Israeli servicemen’s needs in the interim. That organization is LIBI. 

The LIBI organization has made it their mission to support Israeli troops by providing for their welfare via funding religious, educational, social and recreational activities not covered in the IDF’s defense budget.

This provides the IDF cadets with a much-needed morale boost while protecting Israel against her enemies. 

The LIBI organization relies on donations from Israel’s allies worldwide looking to support the IDF in their holy mission. But due to the corona crisis, many of LIBI’s donors were either forced to reduce their contribution or have stopped donating altogether.

That’s why if you are able to donate and you want to show your support to the IDF, please consider donating to the LIBI organization.

This can be your chance to help the Israeli military from the comfort of your home. Donate to LIBI today.

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