Report of German Attack Shows Attack in Israel


On Saturday, British newspaper, The Sun, posted a story on its website about a Moroccan girl stabbing a policeman in Germany, but in a case of mistaken identity, the months-old photo accompanying the story was of a Palestinian attacking an Israeli security guard.

The story related how a 15-year-ol Moroccan girl stabbed a policeman in a railway station in Hannover. She was trying to return to Syria.

She had, in the past, lived on the border between Syria and Turkey, and was reported to be a supporter of the Islamic State (ISIS). While there, she was detained by Turkish officials and deported to Hannover, Germany, where her mother lived.

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She had a German passport and had been in trouble with the police in the past for theft and assault.

The German officer in Hannover was reportedly stabbed in the neck before other police officers subdued the teenage assailant. “While the officer turned to inspect the girl’s ID, with lightning speed she stabbed him,” said one of the officers to The Sun. “He didn’t have a chance to defend himself. It was a miracle he survived,” the colleague continued.

The attack depicted incorrectly actually occurred in November in Beitar Illit, Israel, when a 22-year-old Palestinian woman attacked a security guard. The security guard was injured lightly, managing to shoot and kill his assailant.

The Sun later deleted the article.



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