REPORT: Biden Justice Dept ordered stop investigating po-Hamas/antisemitic activities

REPORT: Biden Justice Dept ordered stop investigating po-Hamas/antisemitic activities

A report by the Washington Free Beacon claims that the US Justice Department issued a “stand-down order”, telling federal law enforcement and US attorneys to stop investigating “incitement, violence, and vandalism” committed by Hamas supporters who hold US visas.

A complaint was filed by the America First Legal Foundation, a conservative legal advocacy group, accusing the Biden administration of “turning a blind eye to the massive uptick in violence against Jews across America in the wake of Hamas’s Oct. 7 terror attack on Israel”

“It appears that concerns regarding the potential electoral consequences of protecting Jewish Americans and enforcing American anti-terrorism laws and/or sympathy for Hamas’s aims are inappropriately biasing the Department’s decision-making,” America First wrote in the complaint.

The law requires that foreigners on F-1 student visas who support Hamas and terrorism should be deported. Naturalized citizens who support Hamas and terrorism should be denaturalized and deported as well. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits universities from encouraging, facilitating, or funding anti-Semitic professors and pressure groups

The America First investigation is trying to determine why the Biden Justice Department is not enforcing the law.

“The images from America’s colleges and universities over the past month are horrifying,”  Ian Prior, America First Legal Senior Advisor said. “As Hamas wages a brutal and inhumane terrorist campaign with the goal of wiping out Israel, the radicalization of America’s higher education system has shown itself to be a bastion of anti-semitic wokeness, with students demonstrating in support of Hamas’s human atrocities. The Biden Department of Education has been quick to move mountains to suppress parents speaking out against public school curriculum, but is seemingly nowhere to be found when it comes to enforcing civil rights laws and protecting Jewish students from threats, harassment, and intimidation from their radicalized classmates on campuses throughout the country,“ said Ian Prior.

“This silence is purposeful,” Reed Rubinstein, America First Legal’s senior counselor and director of oversight and investigations, told the Free Beacon. “[It is the product of] leftist anti-Israel ideologues in the bureaucracy and, in part, White House political concerns that protecting American Jews will suppress Democrat voter turnout among the pro-Hamas community.”


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