Remembering Rabbi Naaran Ashchar: A Hero Both in Life and Death

Remembering Rabbi Naaran Ashchar: A Hero Both in Life and Death

Master Sgt. (res) Rabbi Naaran Ashchar, 33, of the 181st Armored Brigade’s 71st Battalion, was an extraordinary individual whose life touched many. A dedicated soldier, a loving husband, and a devoted father, Rabbi Aschar embodied the very best of what it means to be human – courage, compassion, and selflessness.

Let’s start from the beginning. Rabbi Aschar was no stranger to the Israel National Transplant Center. In June 2023, Rabbi Aschar donated a kidney to a stranger. Incredibly, he was the third person in his family to make such a selfless gift. That’s just the kind of man Naaran was.

Having just donated a kidney didn’t stop Naaran from serving his country. When duty called, he insisted he join his men in the fight. His wife Tzuf remembered, “Naaran forgot that he had just donated a kidney a few months ago and went out to war. I convinced him to tell them that he had donated the organ and make sure that he got medical clearance to serve.” He got the clearance, and his dedication to protecting Israel was unwavering.

Tragically, during an operation on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, Naaran’s tank overturned, leaving him critically injured. For a week, the fantastic medical team at the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya fought day and night to save him. Despite their tireless efforts, Naaran was declared brain-dead on November 5th.

But even in death, Naaran continued to give life. His family, knowing in their hearts that it’s what he would have wanted, decided to donate his organs. “After the severe injury and the understanding that we were facing possible brain death, the subject of organ donation was not even a question. It was clear this was his legacy. We just waited to hear that he could save people,” Tzuf shared. Naaran’s heart went to a 59-year-old man, his lungs to a 72-year-old, his liver to a 67-year-old, and his remaining kidney to a 43-year-old—one man’s selflessness offering hope and life to so many.

Let that sink in for a moment. Naaran merited donating a second kidney, something Tzuf made sure to give thanks for. 

In the midst of such heartbreak, a miracle of life happened. Six months after Naaran passed, Tzuf gave birth to their third child, a beautiful baby boy- a new life born from such loss. The family announced his arrival with a poignant message from Ezekiel.

 Ezekiel 16:6:” I said unto thee: In thy blood, live.” 

The brit mila circumcision of the son of Rabbi Naaran Ashchar of blessed memory Photo credit Yitzy Hertz

This is a testament to the resilience and enduring spirit of the Ashchar family.

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It’s all thanks to the generosity of our Israel 365 family, and it’s all thanks to you. Your donations to Israel 365 charities make such a meaningful impact on the families of fallen heroes. You’re keeping the legacy of courage and selflessness alive. Thank you for your compassion and unwavering support from the bottom of our hearts.

Rabbi Aschar’s life is a shining example of the profound impact of giving to others. His wife, Tzuf, put it beautifully: “I was blessed with a husband who is full of grace, who is a conduit for doing good in the world and for the people of Israel.” As we remember Rabbi Ashchar, let’s all be inspired to bring more kindness into this world.

May Rabbi Naaran Aschar’s memory forever be a blessing, and may his legacy continue to light the way for acts of love and generosity. He showed us the true meaning of living for others in life and death.

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