Over the past few months, the Israel Police joined the IDF Military Police in conducting a covert investigation into the trafficking weapons and ammunition between an enlisted soldier and Arabs from the Jezreel Valley town of Wadi Ara 0404 reported.

During the investigation, two men from Ar’ara and a soldier were arrested on June, 28 2019 during an arms deal whereby the parties involved “tested the goods” by shooting in inhabited urban neighborhoods inside the village.

The investigation was launched several months ago, when information was obtained that a 22-year-old resident of Netanya, in northern Israel, took advantage of his access to IDF bases as part of his service and used it to steal weapons and ammunition. He is suspected of selling the weaponry for tens of thousands of shekels to Arabs from the village of Arara.

While under surveillance, the IDF soldier was witnessed entering the village and handing over the arms  to two residents of Arara in their thirties. Several transactions took place including two MAG heavy machine-gun weapons and two M-16 assault rifles. Drugs were also involved in the transactions.

During the close of the investigation, an indictment was filed at the Hadera’s Magistrate’s Court on behalf of the Haifa District Attorney’s Office. The indictment was filed against the two suspects. Their detention was extended until Monday.

Nashat Melhem, who shot dead 3 people in January 2016, was also from the village of Arara.

Source: Israel in the News