A storm front from the Mediterranean has caused massive flooding in Israeli cities and rivers, causing major damage to homes, vehicles, and infrastructure, as well as seven deaths as heavy rain continues through Thursday. Rain fell for two weeks in Israel, breaking a 50-year record for the highest amount of precipitation in northern Israel on Thursday, according to the Israel Meteorological Service.

Stormy Mediterranean (phot by Flash90)

In Israel’s north, rainfall has caused extensive flooding, especially in Nahariya, where volunteer rescue organizations have been on standby and high alert over the past week. In the northern coastal plain and Ramot Menashe, some 350 to 400 millimeters have accumulated over the last two weeks, and more than 400 mm. fell in the Western and Upper Galilee – in some areas reaching as much as 450 mm.

“Today, we evacuated over 50 residents of a senior resident home in Nahariya because their home lost power and flooded,” said United Hatzalah international spokesperson, Raphael Poch. “In the south, there was a fatality today as a car slipped off the highway,” he told JNS on Thursday.

Evacuation from flooding in Nahariya (Photo by Flash90)

A record was also broken in southern Israel where, according to the meteorological service, some 122 mm. fell, breaking a 76-year-old record.

Magen David Adom director general Eli Bin, upon receiving the warning of the severe weather, said “MDA increased its staffing of EMTs and paramedics, and added 4×4 vehicles to the fleet in effort to provide a rapid response to all incidents, and provide the best possible medical care to those in need. MDA’s EMTs and paramedics continue to be on high alert, and are prepared to save lives and provide treatment in all weather conditions.”

Bazelet River during heavy rains, in the Golan Heights (Photo by Flash 90)

Source: Israel in the News