Rabbi Yehudah Glick Announces Engagement to the Knesset

Rabbi Yehudah Glick received a standing ovation from the Members of Knesset on Tuesday as he announced from the podium that he was engaged to be married. The announcement came exactly one year after his wife, Yaffa, passed away.

Rabbi Glick’s announcement came while most Israeli politicians are gearing up for the national elections on April 9th.

“I am glad to tell you that Hadas [Disin] and I decided to get married,” Rabbi Glick told the Knesset. “While everybody will be busy with the party elections and the upcoming national elections, Hadas and I will be busy building a new home.”

Glick told his friends at the plenum that he met his new wife while working on Amitizm, a project that helps orphans and widows. Miss Disin heads the project. Disin was widowed 17 years ago and has four children.

“Since I received love and encouragement from you in joy and mourning, I find it a pleasant duty to share with you a new development: I’m happy to inform you that Hadas and I decided to get married,” he said in his announcement.

He invited Knesset members and the general public to attend an event Wednesday in Ra’anana celebrating his engagement.

The engagement is the newest chapter in Rabbi Glick’s remarkable life. A long-time advocate for Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, Rabbi Glick was shot four times in the chest at close range by a Palestinian terrorist in October 2014. After he recovered, he was placed 33rd on the Likud list for the national elections in 2015. The position was considered unrealistic but Likud won an astounding 30 seats in the election. Over the course of the next several months, three Likud MK’s resigned and Rabbi Glick entered the Knesset.

His personal life is no less remarkable. When Rabbi Glick married Yaffa, his first wife, she was a widow with two children. In January 2016, his neighbor, Dafna Meir, was stabbed to death in her home in front of her four children. Yehuda Glick and his wife also became the legal guardians to the six children of Yitzhak and Tali Ames after they were murdered by terrorists in 2010.

Source: Israel in the News