Rabbi Tuly shocks delegates at Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast

Rabbi Tuly Weisz, a pioneering thought leader in Christian Zionism, spoke passionately to the assembled Christian leaders from around the world, “I am an Orthodox Jewish rabbi who was asked to open a Christian breakfast in Jerusalem with a prayer. However, I will be honest, I cannot pray with you today. In fact, I cannot even wear my kippah here today.” 

In an unexpected move, Weisz removed his kippah, “the most visible symbol of [his] Jewish identity out of solidarity with Jews around the world who are afraid to display their Judaism for fear of getting beaten.”

“President Biden’s own Jewish advisor just advised Jews to take off their Kippahs, because antisemitic leftists and Islamic radicals are on a widespread violent rampage across the world attacking Jews openly, for the first time since the Holocaust.

Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast host, MK Matan Kahana of Yemina and Rabbi Yehuda Glick

“And if you think that’s our biggest problem, I have some even more frightening news for you. We are not only being attacked by our Muslim enemies, but we are also being attacked by our Christian friends!”

Against the background of this week’s controversy in which Friends of Zion Museum founder and Evangelical leader Mike Evans threatened to eradicate Christian support because of Israeli elections and oppose the State of Israel, Weisz questioned his own participation in the prayer gathering. 

“This institution has become entwined in the greatest controversy to hit Jewish-Christian relations in many years and many friends told me to run away. If I must run away from the Friends of Zion Museum in the heart of Jerusalem, then I ask you, to where should I run?”

Putting his kippah back on his head, Weisz then handed kippot to the guests, inviting them to “wear a kippa today if you are a true friend of Zion who will never oppose Israel, but will eternally stand with Israel and against anti-Semitism.”

For Weisz, a former U.S. pulpit rabbi who now lives in Israel and dedicates his life’s work to building bridges between the Jewish and Christian Zionist world, the time has come for deeds not words, for actions not prayers.

Rabbi Tuly and Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast chairman Albert Veksler

“We are in a crisis and at a crossroads. I didn’t come here today to pray, because today, we must begin to take action!

“When the Israelites were being chased by our first enemies, the Egyptians, and they called out in fear and Moses turned his eyes heavenward, God Almighty told the people that it is not a time for prayer, it is a time for action!

“So, what does this mean for you?  You are the leaders, the true friends of Zion.

“I am appealing directly to you with open arms and offering a radically new approach to Jewish-Christian relations. We need to forge a brand new way of doing things. We need to urgently start building healthy relationships directly between rabbis and pastors and mobilize the most powerful, global, faith-based network of pro-Israel Christians with pro-Israel Jews. 

“I will introduce you to local, religious Zionist Jews in all of your cities and countries so that we can start decentralizing Zionism building upon the most solid of all foundations – our mutual belief in the Bible and our unconditional love for the God of Israel, the Land of Israel and the People of Israel.”

Ending his speech with a dash of Israeli chutzpah, Weisz suggested that the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast for Christian leaders be rechristened the Jerusalem Prayer and Action Breakfast for Christians and Jews, “so that we can fight antisemitism together, support Israel together and pray for the peace of Jerusalem together!”

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