Rabbi: “The Gaza War would never have happened under Trump”

Rabbi: “The Gaza War would never have happened under Trump”

On Tuesday’s episode of Steve Bannon’s War Room, Rabbi Pesach Wolicki called for supporting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign as the only way to ensure a strong Israel and America.

Rabbi Wolicki related that at a recent event in Dallas, conservatives discussed “the issue of  the battle for Western civilization that Israel’s currently engaged in.” He emphasized that the war in Gaza was not just a regional conflict but was, in fact, part of a war of dominance being waged by a global consortium.

“There is a connective tissue between what the World Health Organization [WHO] is doing and what’s happening in Israel,” Rabbi Wolicki said. “The Global Governance and its global apparatus has a plan for Israel that does not include the defeat of the Muslim Brotherhood or the defeat of the Qatari proxy. Tedros Ghebreyesus [the head of the UN WHO] has already said that he wants to declare what’s happening in Gaza a health emergency. If this global governance thing goes through, he would actually have the ability to stick his nose into what’s going on as Israel tries to defeat these jihadists.”

Bannon noted that Israel’s war has revealed that support for Israel, which used to be bi-partisan, is now polarized.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Donald Trump give joint press statements at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, May 22, 2017. Photo by Marc Israel Sellem/POOL.

“One thing about the Biden regime; we’re lucky that we’ve had a great unmasking,” Bannon said. “They refuse to send arms to Israel… Basically, the Christian majority in this country got to call the bluff of the illegitimate Biden regime and just get on with taking out these [Hamas] terrorists.”

Rabbi Wolicki agreed. 

“The Israeli population will not stand for anything less than the wiping out of Hamas in Rafah,” he said. “But already the ‘color’ revolution is afoot.The mainstream media here and some of them Netanyahu’s opponents are working together with the Biden administration and the CIA apparatus to brainwash the population. But it’s not working. We’ll settle for nothing less than the complete defeat of Hamas.”

Rabbi Wolicki explained that the strategy of Hamas was to harm as many Gazans as possible by preventing them from leaving and by preventing humanitarian aid from being distributed. He emphasized that there is only one hope for both Israel and America’s security.

“It is a national security imperative for Israel to elect Donald J. Trump in November,” Rabbi Wolicki said. “This withholding of arms would never happen under Trump. The whole thing including the war would never have happened if he was in office. A lot of people don’t realize that the three years in Israel’s history from 1948 to today with the lowest terrorist casualties in Israel, were 2018, 2019, and 2020. After Trump started implementing his policies, those are the three years with the fewest terrorist casualties.”

“And then immediately when Biden came into office, we saw a surge in terrorism,” Rabbi Wolicki said. “Donald Trump made it very clear that terrorism does not get rewarded. Peace through strength means that you strike the good actors and punish the bad ones. You make it clear that it doesn’t pay. That’s what works in the Middle East. There was no war under Trump because strength works.”

“Right now, Israel is in peril,” Rabbi Wolicki said. “Everyone has to realize that Israel defeating Hamas means the good guys defeating the apparatus. It means a defeat for Qatar, China, Iran, and the globalists. That’s what this war is all about.”

In an interview, Rabbi Wolicki emphasized the importance of President Trump’s policies to peace in the Middle East.

“At the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump’s policies regarding the Middle East were always about strengthening the good actors, strengthening America’s friends, and weakening those who wish to do Israel and America harm,” Rabbi Woklicki said. “That policy, the policy of peace through strength, brought peace deal after peace deal, and tranquility and prosperity to the Middle East. It was the most peaceful time in the history of Israel and the most peaceful time in the history of the Middle East.”

Rabbi Wolicki noted that President Trump recent rejected the “two-state solution” that would create a Palestinian state similar to Gaza in the heart of Israel.

“This shows his moral clarity as well as his common sense,” Rabbi Wolicki said. “He understands what really is the road to peace and tranquility, and that it is absolutely not by rewarding terrorism. President Trump understands that terrorism must be punished.”

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