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An Israeli man turned the tables on God by taking his divine creator to a mundane court. The Israeli news site NRG reported that David Shoshan appeared in a Haifa courtroom on Tuesday, seeking  a restraining order to keep God far away from him and to stop the Ruler of the Universe from meddling in his life. Shoshan charged God with, “treating me harshly and in a not nice manner”.

Court records show that the defendant, God, did not appear and was not present in the courtroom to answer the charges, though men of faith may contest this. Shoshan claimed he has tried to obtain a restraining order from police for  three years but that police had only sent a patrol car to his home on 10 occasions and no arrests had been made.

The request for a restraining order was denied by the presiding Judge Ahsan Canaan, who said the request was “delusional” and that Shoshan obviously required help from sources outside of the court.

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Though God’s place in court related matters is usually sitting in the heavenly court as the omniscient and omnipotent judge, he has occasionally been put on trial. It is significant that Shoshan’s complaint appeared in court a mere two days before Holocaust Remembrance day.

If God could have been put on trial in an earthly court, the Holocaust would certainly be considered a just cause. Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate author and Holocaust survivor, reported witnessing first-hand three Jewish inmates of Auschwitz who judged God in absentia for abandoning the Jewish people. This true event led him to write the play, The Trial of God.

Set in a Ukrainian village in 1649, three travelling minstrels arrive in the village directly after a horrifying pogrom. They had intended to perform a play but instead, they perform a mock trial of God, charging him with allowing the massacre. A verdict of innocence is handed down, after a stirring lone defense by a stranger who, in a twist, is revealed to be the devil.

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