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Islamic terror threatens Germany

Security check after evacuation of Hanover soccer stadium due to Islamic terror threats. (AP/Markus Schreiber)

Putin and Netanyahu, in a friendly meeting in Paris on the sidelines of the UN climate conference, discussed continued cooperation in the fight against global terror. The Russian president acknowledged Israel’s significant contribution in that regard.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday discussed the need to continue cooperation in the war against global terror when they met in Paris, where both leaders were attending the UN Climate Change Conference.

Aside from telephone conversations, it was their second meeting in person since the Israeli leader’s trip to Moscow in September, where they primarily discussed the situation in Syria.

“I think that, as you say, the events of recent days prove the importance of our coordination…[and] our attempts to cooperate with each other to prevent unnecessary accidents and tragedies, and I believe that we’ve been successful. It’s important,” Netanyahu told the Russian president.

“Secondly, I think we are engaged in a big battle against militant Islam, the terrorism it spews forward, the savagery, the barbarism. And this is another point of contact in addition to many others that we’re engaged in.

Man grieves in Paris recently following Islamic terror attacks the previous night. (AP)

Man grieves in Paris recently following Islamic terror attacks the previous night. (AP)

“I hope that Israel and Russia can see eye to eye on all the strategic matters,” he continued, “but I want to assure you that we believe that it’s within our powers to have very good coordination on the ground and in the air so that we do not create the kind of problems that we’ve been experiencing.”

Netanyahu said he was “very satisfied by the fact that our militaries have been very careful to coordinate with one another and will continue to do so. I think this is an indication of the openness and the success of the relationship between Israel and Russia – our relationship.”

“I remember our detailed talk when you visited me in Moscow. Very many dramatic developments…have been happening globally,” Putin told Netanyahu, apparently referring to the Islamic State terror attacks in Paris and the increasing global threats posed by ISIS around the world.

Putin Hopes for Chanuka Victory over Evil

“But let me start with congratulations on the coming Chanuka holiday,” Putin said. It’s a very good and bright holiday that symbolizes the victory, the triumph of light over dark. And I really hope that in international affairs we’ll have it this way as well.”

Putin, like Netanyahu, said he was “satisfied with the progress of bilateral relations,” adding his appreciation for Israel’s major contribution to the global war on terror. “Let me note that the mechanism that has been promoted by you and proposed by you presupposes contacts between the militaries to prevent incidents due to the dramatic developments in the region has been efficient. And we also have advances in other spheres as well,” he said.

By: Terri Nir, United with Israel

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