The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, during which hundreds of millions of people from around the world joined together in prayer for the peace of Jerusalem. This annual day of prayer has becomes the largest Israel-focused prayer event in history. Jerusalem has always played a central role not just in Jewish history, but in world history. Over the centuries, countless wars have been fought over this sacred city and armies from all over the world have attempted to conquer Jerusalem. Jerusalem residents repeatedly experience conflict and terrorism. There is however, a solution! Hashem has provided us with the remedy for the ongoing turbulence surrounding Jerusalem: prayer! In Psalms 122:6, Hashem commands us to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” Thanks to the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, on at least this one day a year, Hashem’s children from all over the world pray in different languages, and in different ways but for the same thing; our holy city, Jerusalem!

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