Proper security in Gaza and Lebanon

Proper security in Gaza and Lebanon

Today more than ever, it’s crucial to underscore the paramount importance of ensuring proper security for the people of Israel. This will enable the Jewish nation to fulfill its sacred purpose as a sovereign entity in its ancestral homeland. Security is not just a matter of physical safety but the bedrock upon which our identity and destiny as a nation rest.

One crucial aspect of safeguarding our security and identity is the resettlement of Jewish communities in the Gaza Strip. For too long, this area has been a hotbed of hostility and violence, a breeding ground for terrorist organizations hellbent on our destruction. By reintroducing a Jewish presence to Gaza, we not only reclaim our ancestral heritage but also send a powerful message to our enemies: We will not be driven from our land and we will not cower in the face of terror.

Similarly, we must remove Hezbollah from our northern border and guarantee our security by maintaining an operational military presence up to the Litani River, a region that has long served as a launching pad for attacks against Israel. Ceding military control of this territory to UNIFIL in 2006 proved to be a complete failure. They did nothing to prevent Hezbollah from a military buildup in the area they were charged with overseeing. 

The IDF is the only organization that can be relied on to protect the State of Israel and to ensure that Hezbollah, Hamas or any other terror organization will not have any presence near Israel’s borders.

By controlling this region of south Lebanon, we are not only protecting our northern border but also affirming our commitment to defending every inch of our sacred land. We cannot allow our enemies to dictate the terms of our existence. We must assert our sovereignty and security with unwavering resolve.

Furthermore, Israel must apply true sovereignty to the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism. For too long, intolerance and terror have marred this sacred space. Non-Jewish groups have sought to deny our right to worship freely. By asserting our sovereignty over the Temple Mount and guaranteeing freedom of worship for members of all faiths, we affirm our identity as a Jewish state and pave the way for genuine coexistence and reconciliation among all religions.

In the words of Psalm 122: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: ‘May those who love you be secure. May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels.’” Security is not just a wish. It is a divine imperative, a sacred trust that we must uphold for the sake of future generations.

We at Pulse of Israel are hosting a conference next week with leaders from around the world in Jerusalem and online. It will discuss the question of “What’s Next?” for Israel. We are bringing together global experts to discuss what’s next for Israel and envision a roadmap to true independence.

While it is clear that the current war is not winding down despite world pressure, we need to discuss vision and policy for where we are heading.

As we confront the myriad challenges and threats arrayed against us, let us do so with the knowledge that the destiny of the Jewish people is bound up with the destiny of the Jewish State of Israel. By ensuring proper security and asserting our identity in every corner of our ancestral homeland, we safeguard our future and fulfill our sacred purpose as a light unto the nations.

Jews around the world and in Israel must now focus on a roadmap for Israel’s future—a bright future—and not just on solving immediate problems. The time has come.

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