Pro-Life Must Mean Anti-Hamas

Pro-Life Must Mean Anti-Hamas

If you’re concerned about the murder of babies in the womb, you need to be concerned about
the murder of babies after they are born. This past week in Israel we have seen a gruesome evil
massacre of over 1400 people, including men, women, and children, in some cases entire
families and in some cases, children murdered in front of their parents.

In one of the most grotesque and inhuman acts, it was reported and verified that 40 babies were
massacred, some burned alive, some beheaded. This was not just a random act of violence,
the evil Islamist Hamas terrorists actually carried with them manuals instructing them how to
massacre as many people as possible in the most vile ways.

40 babies murdered. Burned alive. Beheaded. Let that sink in.

Their families will never recover. Ever.

If all that were not bad enough, Hamas terrorists inflicted other unimaginable and inhuman
crimes including cutting babies out of their mother’s womb, leaving both the mother and baby to
die. In at least one known case, a pregnant woman was executed by Hamas’ Islamic terrorists
in cold blood, killing her and her baby who was supposed to be safe in its mother’s womb. In
addition to executing infants and children in cold blood, Hamas terrorists kidnapped and brought
many small children hostage to Gaza, one as young as 9 months.

Days after Oct. 7, the destruction can be seen after the assault by Hamas terrorists in Kibbutz Be’eri, near Gaza border in southern Israel, Oct. 11, 2023. Photo by Oren Ben Hakoon/Flash90.

While executing women and babies in cold blood they shouted their mantra, “Allah akbar.” God
is great. Not their god.

Jews have an issue with murdering children. 1.5 million children were slaughtered in the
Holocaust. It was not just a crime all part of an unspeakable genocide, it was a loss of our
future, so much potential. Before the Holocaust there were 18 million Jews in the world. Today
there are only 15 million, after 80 years. Had these children lived, they would have built our
future. Jews in general and Israel in specific celebrate life. When we say, “Never again,” it’s not
just hollow words.

As much as we stand together to protect all lives, from the womb to the tomb must be our
mantra. There are many reasons why women have abortions. That’s another issue. Yet at least
when a woman has an abortion, as immoral as that may be, it’s her choice. Maybe she’s
conflicted over it (hopefully she is), and maybe not.

But for the women whose babies were beheaded, burnt alive, and executed in front of them or
their families, it was not anyone’s choice other than the evil Islamic Hamas terrorists. Their
trauma and grief will last the rest of their lives.

Sadly, as much as Hamas strives to and celebrates the massacre of Israeli children, their record
against their own children is not much better. Hamas has committed an unprecedented list of
war crimes this month. They have done this for years, even against the Palestinian Arab
children who they claim to care for and represent. Another long-term well documented war
crime is how Hamas uses Palestinian Arab children as human shields. Knowing that Israel will
not attack areas in which there’s a likelihood of civilian casualties, Hamas hides its bunkers and
weapons in and under hospitals, mosques, UN schools, and in highly populated areas.

Hamas terrorists with infant (Screen capture)
Hamas terrorists with infant (Screen capture)

How many children were patients at the Gaza hospital that was just hit by a stray Islamic Jihad
terrorist rocket? How many children were killed at the hands of their own terrorist leaders?
Hamas using their own children as human shields and Israel refraining from attaching terrorists
even on their way to carry out a murderous attack are not just words or war time accusations.
There have been countless well documented incidents of Israel calling off air strikes when
there’s a risk of civilian casualties. In one, a video of which I saw personally, a pilot shouted
“Abort. Abort,” before a strike against a car carrying terrorists on their way to carry out a terrorist
attack when two children were spotted nearby. At the risk of not stopping terrorists before they
struck, even if that meant killing Israeli children, the air force aborted an attack that would have
risked two Palestinian Arab children. This may be the first instance ever where “abort” was
actually meant to save a child’s life.

In response to these horrors, the Genesis 123 Foundation has launched an Israel Emergency
Campaign to provide as much hands on tangible and meaningful relief in a human level as
possible. We are working to save lives, to rebuild lives. Physically, emotionally, spiritually.
When you give, you can help to provide for the emotional needs of the families who may never
recover from this horror. When you give at this link, , you can also
send your prayers and love to these families which we will pass along to them.


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