Pompeo makes historic Gestures towards Judea-Samaria

One of Israel’s most esteemed mainstream journalists has asserted that secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s policy vis-à-vis Judea and Samaria is more pro-Israel than Israel itself.

In a tweet on Thursday, Walla New’s diplomatic Correspondent Barak Ravid wrote: “Pompeo’s new policy on Settlements is more radical than the Israeli government policy. It implies U.S. recognition of a De-Facto Israeli annexation of most of the West Bank and seems to be a violation of the spirit of the “Abraham Accords” and the UAE-Israel peace treaty”

Ravid may have been referring to Pompeo’s historic visit to the Psagot winery in Samaria which was accompanied by another unprecedented decision to allow settlement products to be labeled ‘Made in Israel’ contravening longstanding US policy on Thursday.

Below is Pompeo’s helicopter as it arrives in Psagot:

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