Pollard: My Freedom is Miracle from God, Never doubt the Power of Hashem

Following his release from prison, convicted spy Jonathan Pollard opened up about his experience in a recent interview acknowledging his release from captivity as a miracle and encouraging others to never lose faith in God saying:

“Many years ago when I was in prison, the officials used to ask me did I ever think that I would walk free And I would always tell them the same thing or ask them the same thing; do you believe in god? Yes. Do you believe that God can perform miracles? And they’d all agree- yes. I said well in that case yes, I’ll go free. And here you have the proof of it – of god’s miracle. Here I am with my wife Esther in Yerushalayim with her Har Habayit behind us and the Judean desert to our right. If this isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is. So no one should doubt the power of Hashem at all. If you just have to believe and keep the faith and decide to come home when he honors you with a nest and everything will work out just perfectly.”