Iranian missile

A new poll indicates that a majority of Israelis support Netanyahu’s Iran policies and close to half are in favor of a strike on its nuclear site.

A majority of Israelis support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s strategy against Iran, according to a Geocartography Knowledge Group poll released Thursday, Israel Hayom reported.

The survey was conducted following Netanyahu’s televised presentation on Monday, when he unveiled over 100,000 documents with incriminating evidence that Iran was pursuing an aggressive nuclear weapons development program, known as Project Amad, in total violation of the 2015 nuclear deal. It questioned 500 Jewish respondents ages 18 and up and has a margin of error of 4.38%.

The survey shows that 58% of respondents support the prime minister’s policies on Iran, 15.5% oppose his policies, and 26.5% have no opinion, Israel Hayom said. The survey also found that 60% of respondents believe the US would come to Israel’s political and military aid during a confrontation with Iran.

“Some 26.3% of respondents say they are ‘absolutely sure’ the US would help Israel, 34.3% say the US would ‘probably’ help Israel, 19% say it would only back Israel politically, 13.5% are ‘not sure’ the US would help Israel, 0.9% say the US would not help Israel in any way, and 6% have no opinion,” according to the Israel Hayom report.

Furthermore, 44.2% say Israel should strike Iran before it obtains nuclear weapons; 31.1% oppose a strike and 24.7% have no opinion.

“Asked whether Israel is better prepared for a war today than in the past, 28.9% said the country’s war readiness has not changed much through the years, 28% said Israel is ‘somewhat better’ prepared, 22.4% said Israel is far better prepared, 8.4% said it is somewhat less prepared, 4.9% said the country is grossly underprepared, and 7.4% had no opinion,” the report said.

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