Police Raid Homes, Seize Lambs, Preventing Passover Sacrifice

Israeli Police raided the homes of seven Jews who had declared their intent to bring the Passover lamb sacrifice in Jerusalem, and arrested another 17 on their way to sacrifice lambs.

Over the last several days, Israeli Police raided the homes of seven Jews who declared their intent on social media to bring a sacrificial Paschal lamb to the Temple Mount on Monday, the eve of the Passover holiday. In addition, police set up roadblocks and searched people in the Old City of Jerusalem, arresting 17 people, including six minors. Six goats were confiscated and turned over to the Agriculture Ministry’s investigative department.

Itamar Ben-Gvir, an attorney from the Honenu organization representing some of the defendants, called the arrests a serious infringement of freedom of religion and democratic principles. “These are arrests to silence people and the police need to allow the Temple Mount activists freedom of worship,” Ben Gvir said. “Israel is losing its democratic nature, people cannot be arrested in the middle of the night just because they want to observe the commandments of Judaism.”

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Last week, the Israeli police prevented the nascent Sanhedrin from holding their annual reenactment of the Passover sacrifice in an area adjacent to the Temple Mount. The event was moved at the last moment to an area inside the Jewish Quarter, and was attended by hundreds, including Likud Member of Knesset, Rabbi Yehudah Glick. The reenactment was performed by Kohanim (men of the priestly caste) wearing authentic garments as mandated by Torah law, and using vessels and musical instruments specifically prepared for use in the Thurd Temple by the Temple Institute.


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