Police Confirm Jerusalem Bus Explosion Was Terror Attack

Scene of Bomb Attack in Jerusalem (Photo courtesy Israel Police via Twitter)

Police confirm the bomb that exploded in a bus in Jerusalem, wounding 21 people was a terror attack. Bus #12 was travelling on Derech Hevron street at the intersection of Moshe Baram Street in Talpiot, south-east Jerusalem, when the attack took place. Two of the injured are in serious condition, one in critical condition. Seven people were moderately injured. It is believed that the critically injured person was the terrorist.

Initially, police were unsure whether it was a terror attack but it became clear that this was the case when the injured arrived at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. The director of the emergency care unit stated to the press that it was clearly a terror attack.

“Some of the wounds of the victims who arrived to us are from nails and bolts that penetrated their bodies. It gives the impression of wounds from a terror attack,” stated the doctor.

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Police later confirmed this in a statement to the press.

“Based on a professional investigation by police demolitions experts it appears that a bomb went off in the back of the bus which caused injuries to passengers, and the bus to catch fire. In addition another bus and a private vehicle nearby were also damaged.”

The initial confusion was due to the explosion occurring in the rear of an empty bus that was in front of the #12 bus carrying passengers.

Israel has been suffering from a wave of terror since September, but this is the first bomb attack since this recent wave of terror began.

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