Afula attack

A knife-wielding Palestinian terrorist stabbed a young Israeli woman in northern Israel.

By: United with Israel Staff, JNS and TPS

A Palestinian terrorist stabbed and severely wounded an 18-year-old girl on Monday on a street in Afula, in northern Israel.

After being stabbed, the girl managed to stagger a few feet until she collapsed outside of a café. She told a passersby who rushed to her aid that an Arab man had stabbed her.

First responders scrambled to the scene, and the victim was evacuated to the city’s Ha’emek Medical Center with serious wounds to her upper body.

“When we arrived at the scene we found an 18-year-old girl sitting on a chair at the entrance of a store,” said Shimi Farji, one of the paramedics who responded to the call. “She was conscious and had several stab wounds in the upper part of her body. We gave her life-saving first aid to stop the bleeding and evacuated her to the nearby HaEmek Medical Center.”

The doctors were successful in stabilizing her situation.

The terrorist, who fled the scene, was later located by policemen, who shot him in the leg after he refused to heed their calls to halt. He was found to be carrying a knife and was taken to a hospital in moderate condition.

He was identified as a 30-year-old Palestinian from the city of Jenin.

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Source: United with Israel