Plant Your Fruit Trees in Israel Today!

Click here to plant

Plant Israel’s First Fruits and Double the Blessing!

Last summer, during Israel’s war with Gaza, nearly 5000 rockets exploded
in southern Israel, greatly affecting the farmers of the south.

Many farmers lost the opportunity to plant before the Sabbatical Year.

Now is our chance to help them out. Double the Planting – Double the Blessing!

In the Bible, God promises to bless those who help in the observance of Shmita:
“I will ordain My blessing for you…” (Leviticus 25:21)

A unique opportunity that occurs just once in 7 years.

Join Zo Artzeinu in planting Israel’s first fruits after the Sabbatical Year.
Your next chance will be in 2022 after the next Shmita cycle so don’t delay!

The Bible teaches us to “honor G-d with the first fruits of our produce”. (Proverbs 3:9)

Since the Sabbatical Year has ended, Israeli farmers have been planting and planting…

Show your love for Israel by planting the first fruits of Israel today!

Click here to plant

Everyone who participates by planting fruit trees in Israel will receive an Authentic Tree Certificate.

Dedicate fruit trees in honor or memory of loved ones.


Plant 4 Trees and Get a FREE ‘Star of David’ Necklace from Israel. Order Today!

Plant 10 or more Fruit Trees

and receive an authentic
Land of Israel Necklace
with the sand and soil of the Holy Land!

Plant 30 or
more Fruit Trees

and get the Land of Israel Necklace PLUS a Sterling Silver Tree Necklace, hand-crafted in Jerusalem!

Plant an Orchard
of 100 Fruit Trees

and receive both necklaces PLUS a stunning metal rose sculpture created from rockets that landed in Israel!

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