Karen Pence and Sara Netanyahu

US Second Lady Karen Pence champions Israeli art therapy; Israel’s new system for scanning cargo containers will enable 200 to cross between Jordan and the Palestinian Authority daily; NASA featured a special musical tribute by the son of Israel’s first astronaut, and much more.


US Second Lady supports Israeli creative arts therapy

US Second Lady Karen Pence champions Art Therapy and the Israeli PM’s wife Sara Netanyahu is a child psychologist. Both participated in a roundtable in Jerusalem with top Israeli creative arts therapists. (Seated on Mrs. Pence’s right is my wife’s cousin Dalya.)

Hi-tech scanning increases PA trade

Israel has implemented a new system for scanning cargo containers that will enable 200 containers to cross between Jordan and the Palestinian Authority each day – double the current number. The PA Economy Minister said it “will save exporters and importers a lot of efforts and costs”.

NASA honors Israel’s first astronaut

NASA honored the astronauts killed aboard shuttle Columbia 15 years ago, with a special musical tribute by Tal Ramon, the son of Ilan Ramon – Israel’s first astronaut. Tal recalled how his father’s spaceflight was “a huge thing” not only in Israel, but the United States as well. Also see video.

Cape Town starts water rationing

I reported previously (Jun 2016) that Israel had offered to help South Africa with its water management. Sadly, the government refused help and now residents of Cape Town are rationed to 50 liters per day. Worse, from April, they will have to stand in queues to get water.

Protecting Thai funeral

The Red Sky 2 drone defense system from Israel’s IMI Systems was operated for the first time by the Thai Air Force in October to protect the 250,000 attendees at the funeral of the former King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej. The system intercepted and neutralized two unauthorized drones.

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Source: United with Israel