Episode 14 of the Holy Madness kicks off our suite of episodes on Pesach (Passover).

Our overview starts with the roots of slavery – why did we need to be enslaved in Egypt and how did we become slaves? We then turn to freedom, and we discuss our little nation’s holiday commemorating our particular emancipation… and how it somehow became a universal celebration of freedom and liberty.

We begin looking into the themes and imagery of the holiday, and we build on our discussion of freedom and liberty, which began in our discussion of Esther and Purim in Episode 12b [link: https://holymadness.podbean.com/e/episode-12b-randomness/].

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Ultimately, this is a fantastic overview of the holiday’s ubiquitous insistence on freedom through words. We discover a little bit of what that means and set the stage for the coming episodes in which we explore the Haggadah (a book on the story of Passover that is used at a Seder) in-depth from the inside.

If you enjoy the show, please share the Pesach message of freedom far and wide!


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