Poster exposing anti-Israel activists. (TPS)

A Fatah official called on Arabs in the Gush Etzion area to antagonize the very Israelis who provide good-paying jobs that support Palestinian families.


Arabs in recent years have illegally taken over lands around and within Israeli communities in the eastern part of Gush Etzion, operating at the direction of Arab provocateurs and extreme left-wing organizations.

According to Israeli residents who spoke with TPS, the livelihoods of Arabs who make their livings in Israeli communities are threatened by family members who take over land illegally and carry out provocations in the same communities.

Now, Israeli employers are taking action against these illegal land grabs, posting ads urging Arabs not to cooperate with left-wing provocateurs, or risk losing their employment in Israeli communities. The posters even include the names and pictures of the lead activists.

Sheikh Dawood al-Zair, Fatah National Councilmember who has lead the provocations in the area, called on Arabs in the region to “go to lands adjacent to [Israeli] settlements and continue plowing and planting” illegally.

He explained that these actions “anger the settlers” who have responded by “threatening [local Arabs] with their livelihoods.”

“It is our obligation to defend the land, from a religious and national stance, and the land and its plowing is more important” than finding work in the Israeli communities, he said.

Meanwhile, the IDF recently intervened when Arabs in the area began plowing near the Israeli community of Nokdim.

Local Israelis distributed the poster in Hebrew within their communities and compiled a list of Arab families working in the communities who are also involved in anti-Israeli actions. Employers were left to make their own decisions.


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Source: United with Israel