A US delegation visiting Ramallah on Thursday was evacuated after they were attacked by Palestinian rioters who pelted them with eggs while yelling anti-American slogans.

A delegation including New York City Council members and civil society groups was in Ramallah to meet with Palestinian Center for Policy and Research Survey (PCPRS), a local polling company. Several dozen Palestinians attempted to enter the building, yelling slogans like “America is the head of the snake”, “Americans are not welcome in Palestine”, and “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine”.

PA anti-riot policemen, some of them wearing masks covering their faces, escorted the US guests to a police van while some of the rioters threw eggs at the delegation. The delegation was taken to a secure location by the Palestinian Police.

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The US State Department released a statement condemning the riot.

“The United States absolutely opposes the use of violence or intimidation to express political views,” it said. “This type of action is unmistakably counterproductive to Palestinian interests; it serves only to ensure that Americans are unable to hear or consider Palestinian perspectives.”

This incident mirrors a pair of protests that took place in Bethlehem three weeks ago. President Trump and Vice President Pence were hung and burned in effigy in Bethlehem and a few days late, a delegation that arrived to give a workshop in internet marketing was chased out by angry protesters.

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