anti-Semitic Palestinian

The restaurant’s owner was forced to fire his own daughter over social media posts that included praise for Hitler and calls to “gas” African-Americans, in addition to the use of racial epithets.

By Ezra Stone, United with Israel

“Top 3 races you wish to eliminate. Ready, go! Jews, blacks, and the fats,” read a tweet from Lianne Wadi, the catering director for a multi-location restaurant called the Holy Land in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is owned by her father Majdi Wadi, a Palestinian immigrant.

“If I was president, I’d finish off what Hitler started and rule the world,” the younger Wadi said in a subsequent tweet, while another stated, “I just realized. Blacks are just as bad as Jews #GasEmAll.”

Among the social media activity that also recently surfaced are Lianne Wadi’s posts using the slur “n***er.”

The posts were exposed amid social unrest related to racial injustice and the killing of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, with the Holy Land finding itself on the receiving end of a boycott campaign targeting the Middle Eastern eatery.

Majdi Wadi reportedly fired his daughter and claimed he was “ready for any consequences,” vowing to “conduct an investigation.”

Meanwhile, Lianne Wadi apologized last Thursday after an Instagram post was revealed from 2016 in which she is pictured with a small monkey, under which a caption reads “made friends with this little n***a today.”

According to the local media, Wadi deleted all the posts in question from her Instagram account, barring an apology, replacing them with a “Black Lives Matter” section in which she purports to show solidarity with that movement.

So far, one Holy Land outlet lost its lease, while two retail outlets announced they will no longer sell the restaurant’s hummus or other products.


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Source: United with Israel